This week my garden has suddenly really come to life. My potatoes are growing really well as are the strawberry plants. The herbs are looking very healthy and the new blackberry bush is coming along too. Sadly the cucumber and courgette plants didn't make it! They got eaten, not by a slug or pest but by the puppy! Naughty dog.

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As part of my supermarket free investigations I have decided to start an interview series with people that either are or have been supermarket free. I generally find the best way to learn about something new is to get advice from people that have actually done it. The idea behind the interview series is to gather a broad range of experiences, some may have gone supermarket free and never looked back where as others may have given it a go and found that it doesn't work for them. I hope you find the interviews helpful. ...continue reading

I've had a small success with my supermarket free journey. I've found a local company that supply and deliver eggs from their farm, they don't cost any more than the supermarket ones and they are free range! Hooray. I know it may not seem like a huge deal but you wouldn't believe the struggle I have had to find local produce that the company delivers for the same price as the supermarkets. ...continue reading

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In October I will be turning 30! Still not quite sure how I feel about that but I suppose I have a while to get use to the idea. To celebrate my transition into my 30's we are hosting a 1920's Gatsby themed party. I have been pinning ideas like an obsessed crazy lady on Pinterest so I thought I would share some of the ideas that I would like to incorporate into the party.

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I haven't really done anything noteworthy on the thrifty front this week apart from the fact that I haven't be anyway which has meant I haven't spent any money this week. Basically I've been thrifty by default which I don't think counts! Been too busy working!

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As I am turning 30 this year I've been on a mission to get fitter both by exercising more and eating healthier food. I'm using a fitness app where I can record any exercise I do as well as input what I have had to eat that day. It can be a bit of a faff trying to input food nutrition details so I've been on the hunt for healthy recipes that have all of the nutritional values on them.

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I have wanted to join the gym for a while now, when I was younger I use to go virtually everyday! The main thing that has been putting me off is the cost. For membership to our local sports centre gym it costs £32 which I feel is a lot of money each month especially as the boy has just started Street Dance classes each week at a fiver a go. I now have Lj on my case too, she also wants to start some form of dance, add that to swimming lessons each week and I'm seriously out of pocket!

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Just under half of all Brits admit they have secretly checked their partner’s Facebook account and one in five went on to row about what they discovered, new research has revealed.

One in seven said they had contemplated divorce because of their other halves activities on Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, Twitter or What’sApp.

Nearly a quarter or the 2,000 married Brits asked, ...continue reading

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