Nappies, nappies everywhere, thousands of Lego bricks scattered across your floor, the interior design prowess of a fetid tramp and the energy of a lethargic sloth – being a mum ain’t easy.

But there’s one sure-fire method to make your daily chores a smidgen easier – give your home a cracking makeover!

It might sound like a lot of hard work, but there are a plenty of corners you can cut to gain an optimal house without the effort.

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Sorry I'm late this week with Thrifty Thursday. I blame Charlie, (our new puppy). It's like having a baby again! I have to watch him like a hawk 24/7 or he is going to ruin our new carpets. I'm struggling to get anything else done but he is very cute though so I'll let him off. As I'm sat here typing he is just laying on my lap staring at me with his big brown eyes. He's a really cuddly puppy!

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This year I am determined to save even more money than we did last year. We tried all sorts of different ways last year, some of them worked and some did not!

The great thing about running a weekly thrifty linky is all of the fabulous posts that get linked up each week full of new ideas of ways to save.

Ways to sell unwanted goods and make some extra cash
Image Credit: Images Money Flickr

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Did anyone else watch NHS £2 billion a week and counting last night? I found it fascinating and it definitely wasn't an easy programme to watch. It really got me thinking about the pressure that the NHS is under and how in the long run it is going to continue. The story that really got to me was the elderly couple with the man who was suffering with dementia. The wife was having to look after him all on her own without any respite or help. It was heartbreaking. ...continue reading


Your home is the centre of your daily life, and it can often be at the centre of your biggest financial outgoings. Whether it’s utility bills, buying new furniture or finally carrying out that much needed home renovation project, there’s always something waiting to tug at your purse strings.

However, your home also offers you a number of opportunities to save some cash, whether that’s by improving efficiency or securing some second-hand bargains. By following these simple tips you can learn how to save money around the house, without making drastic changes to your lifestyle. ...continue reading

It has come to that point where the children have started asking for a pet! I knew it was coming sooner or later but I was hoping we could hold off for a little longer.

The other half wants to get fish, I however do not! We came so close to buying some today and then thought better of it. I love the idea of fish. I can imagine just sitting in the evening watching them glide around their tank. I love their bright colours and the fact that they are a relatively easy pet to have. I don't however love ...continue reading


Welcome back to another week of Thrifty Thursday. I apologise in advance if it takes me a while to get around your posts this week. I'm finding half term, a broken laptop and trying to work a bit of a nightmare this week. Oh the joys of being a work at home mum.

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Since we have moved from a village to the suburbs of a fairly large town I have suddenly realised that my children aren't very road aware. Where we lived before we were just surrounded by fields and cows but where we are now there is a road almost right outside our house. I find my self constantly saying "Get out of the road!" They are slowly getting better and beginning to understand that getting hit by a car would not be fun!

road safety
Image Credit: Sigfrid Lundberg

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Being a thrifty family we are constantly looking at new ways to reduce our outgoings and save money. Some things are obvious such as being savy on our food shop and not always going for top brands. While other things aren't so obvious like water pressure causing wastage and increasing our water bill.

To find out how high your water pressure is you can take this simple test found on the water pressure problems website. It's really easy to do and only takes a minute.

I took the test and it informed me that ...continue reading

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