*Warning this post contains words like muff fluff, periods, fanjo, cloth pads and blood! If you are uncomfortable with that then might I suggest you read something else*

Cloth Pads

To start off my switching to reusable cloth pads rather than disposable journey I opted to try a night pad first. I thought this would be the best way to trial one without having to wear it out anywhere in case I didn't get on with it.


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*Warning this post contains words like muff fluff, periods, fanjo and blood if you are uncomfortable with that then might I suggest you read something else*

This years Zero Waste Week theme was Reuse. It got me thinking about what reusable products  we could start using instead of throwing away in our household. ...continue reading

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Cashback sites aren't a new thing, in fact they have been around for quite some time now. There are a whole host of different schemes to choose from but the one we use on a regular basis is Kidstart*. ...continue reading


I'm not really sure where to begin with this one? I still don't think it has quite sunk in.

When Becky from Baby Budgeting tweeted me to congratulate me on being a finalist in the Best Thrifty Blog category I was in shock for about a week. I was convinced it was an error and that I'd get an email come through saying sorry we made a mistake!

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Image Credit: Courtney Rhodes
Image Credit: Courtney Rhodes

Eyes are definitely the most important feature that makes you look gorgeous and to further add to this look, thicker and fuller eyebrows play a very important role. There are some who are lucky enough to have natural lush and fuller brows, whilst others have thin eyebrows which may be due to various reasons. So if you are not satisfied with your thin brows then do not worry as there are number of ways to fix them. Below is more information on this topic. ...continue reading


Zero Waste Week

In case you don't already know this week is Zero Waste Week. This is my 3rd year of joining in and it always gets me thinking about how we can reduce, reuse and also save money. My pledge for this year is to switch from disposable sanitary products to reusable ones. My experiences of this will follow shortly as obviously it's pretty time sensitive. In the meantime I have been thinking of other products that we could reuse in our household instead of throwing away.

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Small changes in décor can have a big impact on how room feels, and small changes to your bank balance can have an equally large impact on how you feel about your next interior design project.

One quick, cheap, and simple project for each room in the house can quickly take you from drab to fab.

Here’s some ideas you can run through in an afternoon:

  1. Study: Book Yourself A Colourful New Look
Colourful Books
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The concept of organising books not by ...continue reading

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