Diggerland devonA few weekends ago we were lucky enough to be invited along to Diggerland in Devon.

I had never been before so I was looking forward to seeing what it was all about. I'm not sure who was more excited about going the kiddies or the other half! From the minute we pulled into the car park everyone seemed to go into hyper mode!

diggerland devon review

The first thing that kids wanted to do when we got there was play on the park (typical! We could of done that anywhere!) In the park there is a really tall aerial walkway with 3 big slides, a fun house, a sandpit and some real vehicles that the children can get in and play on.

diggerland devon

From an adult perspective the park did look like it could do with a few updates and a lick of paint but the kiddies didn't care about that and they had great fun.

After we finally coaxed them out of the park we actually got to go on some diggers!

The hoop a duck was a firm favourite with ours...

Diggerland Devon Hoop a Duck

I was slightly concerned that it would be too boy orientated and that Lj would get bored but I needn't have worried, she got stuck right in and she particulalry enjoyed driving a jeep.

Diggerland Devon

There were lots of rides to go on as well as diggers.

diggerland devon

When the rain started to come down we decided it would be a good time to have some lunch in the cafe. The menu was very simple with things like burgers, nuggets and chips. The food was good and the kiddies ate all of it which is always a bonus!

diggerland food

The good thing about the cafe area is that there is an indoor ball pit and bouncy castle for, if like us, you get caught out by rain. There is also a small computer arcade which kept our two entertained while we had a quiet cup of tea.

Diggerland Devon

When the rain subsided we ventured outside again and had a go on some of the rides we had missed.

Diggerland Devon

Diggerland Devon

Diggerland Devon

Diggerland Devon

If you visit remember to pop into the shop before you leave to get your Diggerland certificates and check out some of the fab bits that they have for sale, like their very cool bright yellow Diggerland wellies which I now wish I had bought :(

digerland certificates

All in all, we had a really lovely day at Diggerland and we're looking forward to going back soon!

Diggerland Devon


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I have a constant battle with my desire for pretty things and my hate of consumerism. Today desire won!

holi one plymouthI went on a charity shop recky! I was on a mission to find something to wear to the two festivals that I'm going to on Saturday. For the Holi One festival in Plymouth I needed something white to really show up the paint but also something that wasn't to expensive. I managed to find this top and it only cost me £2.00! Total bargain. Charity Shop Bargains I'm going to wear it with my denim shorts and flip flops, perfect festival gear. :)

As always happens when I'm on a charity shop mission I didn't just buy the one top, I actually ended up with all of this... charity shop bargains I love the colours in the tunic top. I'm going to wear it to Somersault Festival on Saturday along with a pair of black leggings.

somersault festival Charity shop bargains I really like this top although I'm not sure what on earth I'm going to wear it with... charity shop bargains I also brought this fab boho necklace...

boho necklace bargain

Have you found any bargains this week?

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holi one festival plymouthThis Saturday I will be at the Holi One Festival in Plymouth and I cannot wait!!!

I was lucky enough to be invited along to see what it's all about. I have never been to anything like it before and I'm sure that it's going to be an amazing experience!

'Thousands of people, dressed in white, come together to share in music, dance, performance art and visual stimulation. HOLI ONE brings this unforgettable experience to cities all around the world. We come together to share in music, dance, performance art and visual stimulation'.

holi one festival plymouth

'The festival itself is influenced by the original Holi in India but not related - the HOLI ONE Colour Festival travels around the world bringing people together to experience the music, dance, performance art and visual stimulation; all in all just a general good time and fun day out!'

They're are 16 Holi One events happening in the UK this year so check out their website to find out if there is one near you.

I apologise in advance for the mass of random photos on Twitter and Instagram this coming Saturday ;-)

holi one plymouth


Taste is subjective and home furniture choices say a lot about your personality, but below are five styles currently sweeping through British homes that might conjure up some inspiration.

Decadent Glamour

With the Art Deco era as inspiration, Hollywood glamour is achieved by taking glossy blacks or strong, dark browns as accents. This effect works really well on floors, against white walls, complemented by large, eye-catching or even pomp works of art. Shiny metallic touches can be added in all forms, including furniture. Don’t shy away from gold or silver tones, as these will emphasise the eccentricity that this style represents.

Literary Charm

Imagine going to the theatre to watch a Victorian drama and now consider such a scene in your living room. This looks wonderfully charming if done correctly. Think of large bookshelves filled with dusty tomes, noble portraits watching over you on the walls and a globe on the coffee table showing that you are a true academic. The colour for the walls should be a grey or navy blue; nothing too strong, as it is the subtle details in this style that are to be the centre of attention. Motifs of top hats, moustaches and pipes will add to the aesthetic and furniture should be antique, or in that style, with neutral colours.

Image by Aleksey Gnilenkov
Image by Aleksey Gnilenkov used under the Creative Comms licence

Colour Shock

Strong, even blinding, colours are the name of the game for this one. Clashing colours are the way to proceed with this, but avoid using more than four, as otherwise it will step over the boundaries of human tolerance. Minimalism is the second step, by keeping a tidy room with only the bare essentials. A stylish but otherwise simple sofa placed on a bright rug, a smooth coffee table, a television and a lamp or two are all that is needed. The bright colours of the furniture and accessories are best emphasised with white floors and walls.

Going in Circles

If the prospect of nothing but circles frightens you, then this style should probably be avoided. Sixties inspired circles are the only noteworthy shape in this theme, which includes rugs, sofas, lamps, tables and decorations. While not as colour happy as the previous trend, there should be bright circular hues sticking out from a grey or otherwise neutral background. This is a style that does not take itself too seriously, so feel free to experiment with anything circular.

In the Tropics

Go all out and show off your wild side. There is a way to add a touch of life to your chosen rooms without the home furniture getting drenched in torrential rain or having its stuffing ripped out by cheeky monkeys. Bring in some palm trees as large as the room can cope with or have the walls covered in jungle wallpaper. Push the boat out by adding some wildlife with a terrarium; tarantulas or iguanas are always fun to keep. Avoid going completely green by adding a brightly coloured sofa and cushions.

From subtle changes to full revamps, decorating can bring a new lease of life to the home. Choose a theme to go with and have fun with it.

To save a bit of money on our weekly food shop we have started an allotment together with my sister in law. You can read all about how this started in my Amateur Allotment Growers post.

allotment progressWe have really enjoyed it so far and we are just starting to get crops that we can eat!


As we've been pretty successful so far on the allotment I've also started growing a few bits at home.

grow your own strawberries

 Grow your own

The kiddies are really into it and they both take it in turns to water the plants each night before bed. It's also a great way to get them to try new foods.

nasturtiums edible flowers

We haven't seen any difference in our weekly food shop bill yet as most of the crops still aren't quite ready but I'm hoping that will change in the next couple of weeks. It 's also  going to help towards my Supermarket Free challenge that I've set myself. :)

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#ThriftyThursday is a weekly linky and a place to share your thrifty posts. It doesn't matter if they are old or new and can be about anything to do with saving money and being thrifty. Whether it be a post on cutting back on your food shop or your latest thrifty find link it up, I'd love to see it.


Choosing where to go on holiday can be hard. There are so many options out there these days that it can all become a little overwhelming. Not only do you have to choose where in the world you want to go but you’ve also got to consider which type of holiday you would like to experience; whether it be self-catering, half board or all inclusive.

In the past we have enjoyed some great all inclusive holidays, one in particular that sticks in my mind was the holiday that we booked through First Choice. They are definitely worth a look if you are planning to go away.

Here are my top 5 reasons to go all in...

5 reasons why you should book an all inclusive holiday

Less to think about

Having everything included can really take the stress off. You don’t have to worry about where you are going to eat that night or if you have enough money, everything has already been taken care of. Everything you need is right where you are staying including food, drink, activities and entertainment. This is really handy if you are holidaying somewhere that you are unfamiliar with.

Easy To Budget

It makes it easier to budget as you know that the only money that you will need while away is a bit of money for souvenirs.

Save Money

This one is especially important if you are going away with children. If you go all in it means that they can drink and eat as much as they want. You don’t have to constantly be searching in your pockets for change at snack time.

All inclusive holiday in Ibiza
My all inclusive holiday in Ibiza

It’s Safer

As you have already paid for everything it means that you won’t have to carry lots of cash around with you. The resorts are safe and if you are staying in a country that can be dangerous for tourists then you don’t even have to leave the complex as you will have everything you need around you.

Drinks on Tap

You get unlimited alcoholic drinks… need I say more!

All inclusive holiday in Spain
My beautiful sister on our holiday in Spain

So what do you prefer to do when you go away?


how we save money by buying in bulk

How we Save Money by Buying in Bulk

You may have seen my post a little while ago about saving money by buying in bulk well I thought I would write a little update about how we are going on with it.

It first started when  we were sent 10 litres of washing up liquid by NCS online and 2 months later it's still going strong.

buy in bulk

 Since receiving the washing up liquid we have decided to buy other bits in bulk including our washing powder and fabric conditioner. We buy our washing powder from a local garage and it costs us £8.99 for a 5.6kg container which does 70+ washes. If we were to buy Surf in our local supermarket it would cost us £9.00 for a 2.83kg container which only does 45 washes. It's a no-brainer really!

We got the fabric conditioner from NCS online again. They have a whole range of bulk buy laundry products online so well worth a look.

Bulk Buy Laundry Products Online

I'm currently also looking into going 'Supermarket Free' so my next job is to do some more research to find other items that we can buy in bulk online. I'd like to find somewhere to bulk buy flour and yeast so I can make more of my own bread.

Check back soon to see how I'm getting on.

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Thrifty Thursday Badge

Thrifty Thursday is a weekly linky and a place to share your thrifty posts. It doesn't matter if they are old or new and can be about anything to do with saving money and being thrifty. Whether it be a post on cutting back on your food shop or your latest thrifty find link it up, I'd love to see it.

The linky will open at 6.00am every Thursday and stay open until the following Tues at 11.00pm.


eyes down for value entertainment online
Image by gagilas

We all know of the game of bingo. It’s a game that has always been in the background of most people’s lives. Most towns have always had a bingo hall and you probably knew a few older ladies during childhood who would go down there once or twice a week to meet their friends and play. Even though you might never have played the game yourself, you have a general idea of what it’s all about.

Today, bingo has come into the internet age. It’s no longer a game just for the older generation; people of all ages and from all walks of life play bingo online. An estimated 100 million people around the world have online bingo accounts.

So what’s the appeal of this game that on the surface seems rather simple? Actually, that’s one of the main reasons people choose to play. It’s a game that is all about chance, so to play you don’t have to do anything more than pick how many tickets to buy. And to win, your ticket simply has to match the number calls made during the game before anyone else’s. There’s no element of strategy required and for many people who just want a bit of time out, that’s what they like about bingo. And with the online version, there’s no need to concentrate on the number calls as the software marks off your numbers – you can simply watch what happens.

It’s also really good value entertainment. Many of the bingo sites like Bet365 bingo or 888ladies.com offer free credit when you sign up and if you play online bingo at 32red.com you get £10 free when you sign up, and then an initial deposit bonus of £32 for every £10 that you put in to your account. That’s a lot of free money to play a game that often only costs a few pence per game. But that’s not where the value stops. Once you’ve deposited cash into an online bingo account, you also get to access the free games on the site and even though the games are free, they still have cash prizes to play for. It’s how the bingo sites reward their loyal players and keep them coming back to play more games.

Of course, the prizes are another draw to playing bingo. Why play a game like Farmville when you can play a game that might win you a huge amount of cash?

But there’s another side to online bingo that not all other online games can offer. When you have a ticket in a game, it gives you access to the bingo chat rooms, where you can meet other players playing the same game. People chat about all kinds of things here, not just bingo, but it’s always light-hearted and it gives a sense of community as you play as you can all keep an eye on how the game’s going at the same time. There’s always a chat moderator to make sure everyone’s happy and there are chat games – mini games where you can win extra prizes – going on all the time.

For a five minute break to unwind with a coffee, while the kids are napping or watching TV, it’s hard to beat a game of online bingo!


Today I have another lovely thrifty blogger to interview... meet Jen from A Thrifty Mum & Mum in the Mad House.

Thrifty Mum blog


Mum in the mad house blog 1) First off tell us how, when and why you started blogging?

I blog at Mum in the Mad House and also A Thrifty Mum.  I started my first blog after being diagnosed with breast cancer as a record of what we did.  I subsequently started A Thrifty Mum as I wanted to stay at home with my family and as a record of money saving tips and hints,

2) How often do you blog and do you have a schedule?

I don’t have a schedule, after six years I blog when and where I want; however, I now blog for a living, so make sure that I give my readers well thought out and planned content.

3) Tell us what the best thing about being a blogger is?

It enables me to work from home and be here when my boys need me.

4) What does being thrifty mean to you?

Being thrifty is all about getting the best value I can out of things, be that life, food or time.  I try to make the most of things and maximise what we have.

5) Give us your best thrifty tip?

Never go food shopping when you are hungry!  My other top tip would be to plan, never buy spontaneously and budget.  I use cash which stops me being frivolous.

6) What’s your best advice for anyone wanting to live a more frugal life?

You really have to have a reason, something to focus on.  For me it is making the most out of every day and providing for a future with my children.  Also you have to be ready to be held responsible for your spending, which isn’t always easy.

7) What do you find the most difficult about trying to be thrifty?

Waiting. I am not a naturally patient person, but we made a decision not to buy on credit, so we have to save up for larger purchases and I am not good at waiting to save up what we need.

8) Which other thrifty bloggers do you follow?

Mortgage Free in Three

Make Do and Mend Year

Utterly Scrummy

Baby Budgeting 

Miss Thrifty

Free Our Kids

From Aldi to Harrods

Frugal Queen

9) Lastly share one of your favourite posts from your blog with us

Cash budgeting and cash envelopes

A big thank you to Jen for joining in with this weeks Thrifty Thursday Blogger Interview, if you would like to be interviewed on Thrifty Thursday then please send me an email at loveablelevi@aol.com.

Now I'd like to see your Thrifty posts...

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Thrifty Thursday is a weekly linky and a place to share your thrifty posts. It doesn't matter if they are old or new and can be about anything to do with saving money and being thrifty. Whether it be a post on cutting back on your food shop or your latest thrifty find link it up, I'd love to see it.

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