I always enjoy spending time organising parties. I like choosing a theme and researching ideas to recreate. For my 30th this year I knew exactly what theme I wanted, 1920's Gatsby style. I knew how I wanted to decorate it, with black and gold being the main colours but I was unsure on how to make it just that bit more special, as it's a 'big' birthday. ...continue reading

There are certain events that happen in your life that are worth saving for. The best way to deal with such events is by putting a bit of money aside each month to help spread the cost. By doing it this way it's not such a shock to the system or your wallet.

So the question is what family occasions are worth saving for?

What family occasions are worth saving for ...continue reading

It's Thursday again which means it's time for another Thrifty Thursday linky.

Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday is a weekly linky and a place to share your thrifty posts. It doesn't matter if they are old or new and can be about anything to do with saving money and being thrifty. ...continue reading


Since we moved into our brand new home just over a year ago it seems to have taken forever just to get it vaguely looking how we want it too. The problem with a new build is you have to literally start from scratch. There are no window fittings, no toilet roll holders and your garden is just a patch of mud. We definitely underestimated how much work a new home needs. So anyway a year or so later and we are just about getting there.

The one area that is still yet to have any attention paid to it is ...continue reading

I recently took part in the Upcycle Revolution challenge with Gumtree. We were tasked with buying an item on Gumtree and upcycling it into something new. You can read more about the challenge here.

For the project I chose to upcycle two old picture frames into jewellery holders.

making jewellery holders ...continue reading

It's no secret these days that the more energy efficient your home is the more money you can save. This was one of the main reason that we moved from our previous, very old, home into a brand new house. We couldn't bear to see the amount of money we were wasting every month just to keep the old house vaguely warm. Clearly it was time for us to move on. So we did and we managed to cut our household bills by over half. You can read more about that here.

Today I'm sharing with you a ...continue reading

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Thrifty Skincare Routine

I have recently been made aware of something that has changed the whole way that I conduct my beauty routine. I use to buy all sorts of potions and lotions but I always found that I would use them for a while and then forget about them. I'd buy more products and do the same with them until I had a entire draw filled with half used beauty products. I blame it on good ...continue reading


Last week for my upcoming Gatsby party I was focusing on getting my invites ready. This week I'm focusing on the fun part, decorating! I've gone with a very traditional Gatsby feel with lots of gold and black.

I've been lucky enough to work with a company called Party Packs to make this happen.

Party Packs

'If party supplies are what you are after Party Packs have it all, from a wide range of decorations to ideas for any themed fancy dress party or event'

...continue reading


Yesterday I had an epiphany! It was one of those real crack you over the head with the light bulb moments. I have been spending money on the wrong things. Last week I bought a mirror that cost £65! Granted I didn't actually pay that price I only paid £15 for it but still if I hadn't of been able to get it for that price I would of still handed over £65 of my hard earned cash on a sodding mirror. A mirror that doesn't give anything back to me other than a reflection. It won't enhance my life in anyway. It was pure consumerism. ...continue reading

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