I was recently contacted by Urban Compass to participate in a new project they are running called 'Starter Stories.  They wanted to know about my first home.

My first starter home wasn't what most would call a 'conventional' place to live. It was actually a wooden cabin that my Father and Grandad built.

My First Starter Home ...continue reading


Hello and welcome back to another week of Thrifty Thursday.

Here are a few of my favourite posts from last week...

Thrifty Thursday Top Picks

 1) Thrifty S**t Bin Food by Forever Changes

2) Mexican Sausage Sandwich by Eat Like You Love Yourself

3) Making Refried Bean Enchiladas with Children by Time To Craft

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I have a fabulous giveaway for you today. The prize is everything a woman needs to have the ultimate girly night in. And seeing as it’s getting colder, what better way to beat the winter blues than a great night in with your mates?

Win all of this...

Everything you need for a girly night in ...continue reading


Recently I had an email pop up in my inbox titled 'Christmas Tree World - I Know Bear With Me It's A Good One'. Now in January that is not the sort of email you expect to see so naturally I was intrigued.

The email was directing me to a site called Christmas Tree World. How is this relevant in January? Well in January they have a huge discount sale and lots of their artificial trees are half price. I'm always one for a bargain and as our old Christmas tree was starting to look a little worse for wear after being attacked my mice in the shed, I was happy to take a look at what they had on offer. ...continue reading


I love car boot sales. I get a real rush from going along and not knowing what treasures you may find. I love digging through other people unwanted possessions to see if I can find a bargain. However as much as I love all of this I don't love early mornings on a weekend! I have to get up early everyday of the week and be semi compos mentis, I really don't want to have to do it at the weekends too. So when I was invited to try out a new Car Boot app called Shpock that I could use from the comfort of my own home I jumped at the chance. ...continue reading


Keeping a home clean, tidy and organised can be difficult at the best of times but adding children into the mix can make it 10 times harder. Parents, particularly first time ones or those with newborns, can find that the list of chores seems never ending and with a broken or limit sleep pattern things can quickly seem like they are spiralling out of control.

In my latest post I have decided to take a look at some of the ways that busy parents can help keep their home organised and chaos free! ...continue reading

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Welcome to Thrifty Thursday.

This week I have chosen some of my favourite posts from last weeks link up.


5 Free 'Get Out Of The House' Activities For Toddlers by My Bored Toddler 

no spend january lessons

6 Things I've Learnt on our No Spend January by Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

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If someone wants to wear edible flip flops and knit a scarf out of their vagina that is their choice. It might not be to everyone's taste but who are we to judge?

If a women chooses to earn money by posing topless for a newspaper that is her prerogative, again not to everyone's taste but if we all had the same thoughts and ideas the world would be a pretty boring place. ...continue reading


One of my passions in life is interior design. I spend numerous hours on Pinterest scrolling through hundreds of images of beautifully decorated homes. Drooling over the pictures of perfectly planned and decorated rooms where everything is in it's place and every corner of the room looks like it should be in Elle Decoration magazine.

In our new house I have, so far, been enjoying decorating each room with different colours and styles. In the kitchen I have gone for a vintage/industrial look. In the lounge I have gone for ...continue reading


How to decorate your bathroom with wall panels
Image: Digs Digs

Sometimes houses start to show their age despite the best care and attention lavished on them. When this does happen you are faced with the lengthy, costly and frustrating task of having the walls stripped down and fresh plaster applied – along with the attendant mess and ...continue reading

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