Firstly I'll start off with an apology for the lack of Thrifty Thursday recently. It's been a bit manic here what with end of term and all the things that it entails.

I've been on a mission the last few weeks to get our house more organised and get rid of anything that we no longer use or need. I've been slowly building up a collection of unwanted goods in our downstairs toilet ready to sell at a car boot.

Clear out the clutter ...continue reading

Got a Passion for Pinterest?

As I'm a bit of a Pinterest addict I started a linky a while ago called Pinterest Passion. I haven't run it for a while for a variety of reasons (the main one being time) but today I thought I'd start it up again.

pinterest passion

It's really simple to enter, you just add your link to your Pinterest account and go and follow anyone else that joins in and that's it!

You can read more about Pinterest Passion here.

I very rarely use any kind of beauty products. I believe that they are not only a complete waste of money but also very misleading. There seems to be a cream for everything these days from wrinkle reducers to skin perfecters. All these products do is cost you a lot of money and clog up your pores not to mention the amount of unnatural substances that you are smothering into you skin. Can you tell I'm not a fan?

My current beauty regime involves ...continue reading

This arrived in my inbox today and I thought it was an interesting read so thought I'd share with you...

New research by a money saving website in the UK has discovered that the majority of parents feel that they are able to save significantly more money once their child has reached the age of 5, with over half of these able to use their savings to pay for family holidays abroad.

1st day of schoolAccording to the results of a new study by a discount website in the UK, more than four fifths of British parents feel as though they are able to save significantly more money per year once their child turns five, with the average parent saving just under £3,000 year after this milestone. ...continue reading

A Morning at River Cottage

Last week I was invited to go to River Cottage HQ to learn all about their apprenticeship scheme. It was great to go and see what it is all about and see the famous vegetable garden at the front of the house. I got serious allotment envy! I even got to have my photo taken by the talented photographer Nick Hook. ...continue reading


I always enjoy spending time organising parties. I like choosing a theme and researching ideas to recreate. For my 30th this year I knew exactly what theme I wanted, 1920's Gatsby style. I knew how I wanted to decorate it, with black and gold being the main colours but I was unsure on how to make it just that bit more special, as it's a 'big' birthday. ...continue reading

There are certain events that happen in your life that are worth saving for. The best way to deal with such events is by putting a bit of money aside each month to help spread the cost. By doing it this way it's not such a shock to the system or your wallet.

So the question is what family occasions are worth saving for?

What family occasions are worth saving for ...continue reading

It's Thursday again which means it's time for another Thrifty Thursday linky.

Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday is a weekly linky and a place to share your thrifty posts. It doesn't matter if they are old or new and can be about anything to do with saving money and being thrifty. ...continue reading


Since we moved into our brand new home just over a year ago it seems to have taken forever just to get it vaguely looking how we want it too. The problem with a new build is you have to literally start from scratch. There are no window fittings, no toilet roll holders and your garden is just a patch of mud. We definitely underestimated how much work a new home needs. So anyway a year or so later and we are just about getting there.

The one area that is still yet to have any attention paid to it is ...continue reading

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