I’ve Been Nominated for Working Parent Blogger of the Year!

Yesterday I recieved an email notifying me that I have been nominated in this year’s mumandworking awards for working parent blogger of the year!

‘Since February our visitors and subscribers to mumandworking have been nominating in their hundreds and now it’s decision time!’

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Thrifty Thursday – May 2016

I’m currently sat here trying to think what I have done over the last month to be thrifty and the answer to that is nothing really that significant other than the normal monthly thrifty things we do. I did manage to get some more school uniform bits for the kiddies at the second hand uniform sale which saved me around £60 which I’m pleased about. We’ve been using up our leftovers to save on our weekly food shop but we do that every week. Continue reading “Thrifty Thursday – May 2016”

Got a Footie Fan in the House? Win a Football Experience with Barclays

I have a nephew that is obsessed with football, given half the chance he would spend his entire day kicking a ball around and practising his techniques. He is never happier than when he has a ball at his feet. This is why when I was made aware of the competition that Barclays are currently running I knew it would be right up his street and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that knows a football mad youngster. Continue reading “Got a Footie Fan in the House? Win a Football Experience with Barclays”

Creating a Fruit Garden with Rocket Gardens

Every year I grow our own vegetables mostly in our garden but also in the past at the allotment. I have tried quite a few different types now and I’ve certainly worked out which ones are easy to grow and which are not. This year I have stuck to the easy ones, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgette, potatoes and salad. However now that I have my fancy new pop up greenhouse I’m also attempting peppers and rhubarb which I have never had any success with in the past. I’m hoping that the heat of the greenhouse will help.

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Room to Grow – Where Dreams Begin

We have recently taken part in a lovely project called ‘Where Dreams Begin’ run by a company called Room To Grow.

The Brief

‘We want you to tell us about the dreams your children have, from exploring outer space battling aliens in distant galaxies to being rescued by prince charming from the evil lord in a tower of chocolate and everything in between! We will then work with a children’s book illustrator to bring the vision to life.’ Continue reading “Room to Grow – Where Dreams Begin”

Organic Skincare – Delight Touch Review

As well as my ‘trying to live a simpler life mission’ I have also been looking into switching all of the beauty products we use for natural and organic products. I hate the amount of chemicals that our skin is exposed to on a daily basis, from shampoos to washing powders. In the ideal world I’d like to get rid of everything bad in our house but that is going to take time to make the switch. I’m making a start with our beauty and bathroom products. Continue reading “Organic Skincare – Delight Touch Review”

Live Life Challenge

As part of my ongoing early midlife crisis live life challenge I have decided to set myself a task; each month I am going to try something that I have never done before. It could be anything like a new experience, a day out, learning a new skill or trying a new food. How amazing would that be at the end of the year to of done 12 things that you have never experienced before! It makes that year a little more interesting, no?

It’s no secret that I get bored very quickly, much to the other half’s despair. I think he spends his life in constant fear that I’ll wake up one morning and say something like ‘Let’s sell everything, move to Africa and create a sanctuary for orphaned elephants’.  Continue reading “Live Life Challenge”

Beverley Holidays Review – Mini Break in Paignton

This Easter holidays we were invited along to Beverley Holidays in Paignton for a mini break. It was perfect timing as far as  I was concerned as the Easter holidays are always a tough one as the other half is away a lot; manically trying to get the boat ready to go back in the water for the start of the boating season. This gave us something to look forward to and an opportunity to spend some time together as a family.

Today I thought I would share our experience with you. Continue reading “Beverley Holidays Review – Mini Break in Paignton”

WIN Tickets to the After Dark Music Festival in Exeter

Today I have a great giveaway for you to win tickets to the After Dark Music Festival in Exeter.

Los Pacaminos featuring Paul Young will headline the Exeter Festival of South West Food and Drink ‘After Dark Music Festival’ on Thursday 21st April. The hugely popular After Dark events run on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights of the festival weekend in the Exeter Castle Courtyard. This year the After Dark Music Festival is sponsored by Pavey Group. Continue reading “WIN Tickets to the After Dark Music Festival in Exeter”

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