5 Reasons Why You Should Vote For Me In The Mad Blog Awards 2014

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Voting for the Mad Blog Awards is open

As an effort to get you to vote for me in the Thrifty category of the Mad Blog Awards I thought I would compile a list of reasons why it would be great if you would nominate my blog, so here goes…

Mad Blog Awards

  1. I’d love to go to the award ceremony so I can meet some of the lovely bloggers that I have been chatting to online.
  2. It would make all the hard work and effort that I have put into my blog worth while.
  3. If I end up going to the awards ceremony it is almost certain that I will have a bit too much vino to calm my nerves and end up making a fool of myself,  like getting my dress tucked into my knickers, falling over my own feet or something along those lines which could be entertaining for everyone involved (well except me of course).
  4. I’ll get to have my very own nice shiny glass award thingy to go on the shelf along with the hundreds of ones that the other half always seems to win for his work.
  5. If by some stroke of luck I actually win best Thrifty blog I will do a little dance on the stage at the awards ceremony in front of EVERYONE!

So there you have it, have I convinced you to vote for me yet? 🙂

You can vote for your favourite blogs (and mine wink wink nudge nudge *cough* thrifty category *cough*) in the Mad Blog Awards HERE.

Mad Blog Awards


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    1. Had to take the cake away I’m afraid, didn’t realise that your not allowed to do that even if it was only pretend cake 🙁

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