Amateur Allotment Growers

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Today  for the first time I’m joining in with Annie, (Mammasaurus) and her lovely  linky ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’ I haven’t joined in before because our garden is, quite frankly, a nightmare!

Here’s a brief history – When we moved down from Kent to Devon we kept hold of our house up there and rented down here as we didn’t know the area very well and we weren’t sure where we wanted to settle.

So we are currently in a rented house down here which means that we don’t want to spend any money on the house or garden as we will hopefully be moving  into our own home very soon.  *Fingers crossed I think we’ve finally found somewhere yay*

Anyway I digress back to the garden, so instead of spending money on a garden that isn’t ours we put our name down on the waiting list for an allotment and almost a year later we finally have it!!

Allotment Growers

Allotment Growers

We are sharing the allotment with my sister in law so it’s a real joint effort and as none of us really have any great knowledge of growing our own food it’s definitely going to be a case of learning as we go, with a few handy tips thrown in from fellow allotment owners.

When we first got the allotment it had been untouched for a long time! It was all over grown, you couldn’t even see the beds and the feeling of ‘Oh my god what have we done’ was overwhelming but with the help of a strimmer we soon had it cut back to a more  manageable condition.

Here’s is what we have planted so far…

 Amateur Allotment Growing

 The kids have really enjoyed being down there and they have all been mucking in to help out…

Allotment Growing

Down On The Allotment

Or just running around like nutters!!

Kids Playing On Allotment

 and of course we had to have a ‘pasty in the shed’ break…

Pasty In Shed


So that is how we are getting on so far, lets just hope that the bits that we’ve planted actually grow!!


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16 thoughts on “Amateur Allotment Growers”

  1. I think that’s awesome! So great that kids get to know where their food comes from! I applaud your efforts… I once put some tomatoes in a hanging basket and killed them… that was about it! lol x

  2. Ahhhh I love this! Such fun for the children as well as being practical. I love the shot of them running around enjoying it and oh to have a shed to sit in too! And at least everything is getting watered plenty naturally at the moment too 😉

    Hopefully sharing it will mean slightly less work for you both! Thanks ever so much for joining in and sharing ! x

    1. The rain is becoming a bit of a problem down there now, our potatoes got too wet and now they won’t grow 🙁 Bring on the Spring!!

  3. Alexandra Mercer (Broody Me)

    I’ve recently got an allotment too but haven’t actually done any work on it yet so you’re way ahead of me. Looks like you’re doing a great job, love allotments 🙂

  4. Pasty in the shed break!? That’s my kind of gardening! 🙂 It’s great your kids seem to be enjoying bring at your allotment so much. I’d love to grow broad beans so it’ll be interesting to watch yours grow.

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