Peppa Pig Medic Case

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Lowenna is obsessed with Peppa Pig it’s the only thing she ever wants to watch and she would probably sit there for hours watching it if we let her. So you can imagine how excited I was when we got sent a Peppa Pig Medic Case. The timing was perfect as it was her birthday on Tuesday so we added it to her presents.

Peppa Pig Medic Case

Peppa pig medic case

Lowenna often plays with a medic kit (not Peppa pig) at our local toddler group so I knew that she would love this and the big beaming smile on her face when she opened it confirmed my assumption.

peppa pig medic kitpeppa pig medic kit






Not entirely sure what Henry was about to stab in the background but luckily it wasn’t his sister!

The case comes with the following…

peppa pig medic case

As you can see Lowenna has really enjoyed playing with her kit and what I love about it is that all of the bits are very solid so I don’t have to worry about bits getting snapped or broken. My only criticism of the case is that it is quite tricky to open and close the clip on the side but if you don’t mind doing that for your little one then it’s fine.

Unfortunately though now anyone that comes round to our house gets subjected to a full on medical checkup as my Dad found out when he came to visit the other day…

 Peppa pig medic case

Now all she needs is a Suzie sheep nurses outfit and she’d be well away. (Idea for a Christmas present perhaps).

Peppa pig medic case


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