Thrifty Thursday – Cutting Back On The Weekly Food Shop

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Recently we have been trying to cut back the cost of our weekly food shop, this week we got it down to £44.29 which I though was quite good  for a family of four but definitely still room for improvement.

Cutting back on your weekly food shop

This shop was at Lidl and we did it in quite a rush in-between school pick ups, if we had a bit more time I think we could of got the final cost down a bit more. We didn’t meal plan before we went (we never do) instead we like to see which items are on offer and then work our meals around that.

Hopefully next week we will have a bit more time and we can beat this weeks total. How much do you normally spend on your weekly food shop?

Thrifty Thursday

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13 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday – Cutting Back On The Weekly Food Shop

  1. Wow that is a good shop! I have found that we save money by going to the market for meat and stocking up the freezer, the meat is cheaper and better quality. I also buy my vegetables from a local supplier. £44.29 is fab, well done! All linked up x

    1. We are looking into going completely supermarket free but it scares me a bit so I’m doing a lot of research before we take the plunge. I’d love to start using a local market for veg and meat. Thanks for linking up, your cottage pie sounds lovely 🙂

  2. Wow! That is great! I’ve got ours down from £120ish to about £70 a week and that’s at Tesco….I need to start shopping at Lidl I think 🙂

    1. It is really good there, we actually prefer Aldi as a lot of their products are from the UK, unlike Lidl but the nearset one to us is in Exeter which is just a bit to far to go for a weekly shop. You did well to get it from £120 to £70 that’s a big difference 🙂

  3. Wow, that’s impressive. We spend about £70-£80 a week for a family of 4. That covers all food and things like washing powder, although we normally have a takeaway treat once a week too.

    1. Where do you normally shop Christine? This shop didn’t include washing bits as we buy that in bulk from Bookers 🙂

    1. It’s hard to tell because we never start from scratch, we always have leftovers from the week before, for example we didn’t buy any juice because we had some left from last week but now it’s run out so I will have to buy some more. Also plans change which means we eat out or have dinner at a friends and then we are left with extra. It’s really hard to monitor most of the time. When we move it should be easier because I’m going to completely empty the freezer this coming week and then we will be starting from scratch. 🙂

  4. I can’t stand our Aldi (I can’t do a full shop in there, I’d have to leave out too much of our essentials and OH’s really fussy about meat and british assurance), and we don’t have a Lidl. Our shop for 3 is usually around £60, that includes nappies and quite often Guinness (would be so much cheaper once N is out of nappies and if the OH didn’t drink a Guinness each evening). I don’t buy beef or sausages as we get those off the farm, so only chicken, fish and a bit of pork/bacon. We do tend to go to the bakery once a week (rip off, but OH loves their bread), and most meat is from the local butchers if not the farm. I’d struggle to get it any cheaper as quite often to get British food from supermarkets, you have to opt for premium ranges.

    Our local market is rubbish – it’s gone seriously downhill, and farmers markets are limited/expensive.

    I do try and get toiletries where possible from discounters though – things like foil, sandwich bags, bleach, kitchen cleaner etc.

    1. It does seem to be a case of shopping around these days for the best deals. We find Lidl is great for all of the continental bits that we like like olives and pastries, tesco is good for all our store cupboard essentials and Aldi is great at Christmas for food hamper gifts. We have been know in the past to go to 3 different supermarkets in one day just to get the best deals and all of the bits that we like. (Luckily they are all fairly close to each other)

      I do find it frustrating thought that local bakers and butchers seem to charge more for their items than the supermarkets do, I’d love to buy our products from local suppliers but it just seems to be too expensive.

      I’m currently looking into going supermarket free and I’m determined to do it but without raising our weekly food bill. Not sure if it’s possible yet but I’m willing to give it a go 🙂

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