Thrifty Thursday – Saving Money On Games Consoles, Games & Accessories

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A few days ago our baby boy turned 5 and as he is a bit of a computer nut we decided to get him a new game for our Wii and a few accessories to go with it.

The game that we wanted to get him was Mario Kart and together with the wheel  it was going to cost us £34.99. I really didn’t want to pay that much for one game so we decided to shop around and as luck would have it we ended up getting both the game and wheel as well as a load of other bits for much less than that.

We found the game in our local Cash Converters shop and paid £16 for it. It looked brand new and you really wouldn’t know that it was second hand.

I found the wheel, along with a load of other Wii accessory bits, in a store called ReFurnish. The box had a complete set of Wii accessories including the wheel, a bat, tennis rackets and other bits and bobs. I paid £10 for the lot!


On the day of his birthday we went to play his new game and found out that our Wii had broken!! You can imagine how well that went down, so I sent the other half out on a mission to find a replacement.

He succeeded in his mission and found one, once again in Cash Converters, and paid only £10 for it! He had to ask the guy in the shop as we only wanted the actual unit not all of the wires and controls that go with it and all of the ones in the shop were complete kits and were much more than £10.

Luckily the man had some in the back stock room that he wanted to get rid of.

So we managed to get a Wii console, a game and a complete accessory kit for £36. That’s our thrifty finds of the week!

Another great place for buying second hand games consoles and games is CEX.

Thrifty Thursday

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16 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday – Saving Money On Games Consoles, Games & Accessories

    1. Just a bit!! Anything to do with computers and he’s away! I’m hoping that he will be my IT support when he’s a bit older 🙂

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  2. Great finds. It really does show that it is possible to get stuff second hand, that almost looks new and is in good a condition yet costs a fraction of the price. Well done x

    1. I don’t like buy anything new these days especially when, as you said, there is so much good second hand stuff out there to be had 🙂 Thanks for joining in

  3. Hi Gina, I’ve linked up a new blog post from my new website blog. It’s more on my love of and the wonders of chalk pain! Lovely to discover new reads here too. Great linky 🙂

    1. Yes we do, there’s one in Torquay, Exeter and Pymouth! Another great shop for finding bargains 🙂 Haven’t been in there for while though, might have to pop over soon and have a look

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