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I started Thrifty Thursday almost 10 months ago now and in that time I’ve read some fantastic blog posts that fellow thrifty bloggers have submitted. I thought it was about time that I got to know the people behind the blogs so I’ve decided to start a series of interviews.

My first interview is with Ang from There and back again… a mother’s tale

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First off tell us how, when and why you started blogging?

I started out blogging 18 months ago as a way of keeping a record for my little girl, I wanted to track our journey through parenthood and I’ve always enjoyed writing so it was a way of keeping my mind busy and engaged during maternity leave.

I am one of these people who have many varied interests but I found taking time out of the world of work freed me up to be a more creative homemaker both in play, cooking and craft; being on a tighter income but valuing eco-friendly approaches meant I had to be even more creative with money!

How often do you blog and do you have a schedule?

I publish a blog post daily but generally I set aside time to write once a week, I have to do this as I work three days a week and until recently was studying for my masters but I enjoy blogging so make time for it.

I am a planner at heart, though I live in organised chaos I have a busy mind full of ideas!  I keep a notebook so I scribble down ideas for posts and I schedule blog posts for the week ahead on a Tuesday evening and then dip in and out of social media and comments throughout each day.

 Tell us what the best thing about being a blogger is?

I really enjoy the creativity that blogging has brought into my life, I have struggled with postnatal depression and I found focussing on photographs and creativity opened up the vista for me and I started to notice more of the world around me.

I also love blogging about child development and play; there are so many great ideas on Pinterest, most are free and use stuff we have around the house, and I love putting them into action!

What does being thrifty mean to you?

For me it’s about living well for less and valuing the small stuff that doesn’t cost a thing.  In my family that means batch cooking all meals from scratch, shopping around, learning new skills rather than paying someone else to do them and getting out and about using free family venues like museums and libraries.

 Give us your best thrifty tip?

Get organised with food and cooking – take an evening to sit down and write a sensible monthly shopping list to stick to then plan meals from the list; if you can’t make meals from your list re-write it, this seems time consuming but it’s so worth it.

It helps you pare back to the essential components of meals you make the most often and enjoy.  Then batch cook, if you can do this all on one day that way the oven only goes on once – if you have a slow cooker even better, they’re very efficient too!

 What’s your best advice for anyone wanting to live a more frugal life?

Start with reduce, reuse and recycle – this more sustainable mentality makes the shift to frugal living easier, if you see the value in the everyday things we throw away you start to adopt a frugal approach to other areas of your life too!

And as my blog has a focus on parenting, remember that life is about making memories and not about gathering possessions; children love the outdoors, love cardboard boxes, homemade playdough and exploring things around the home, large quantities of plastic toys are no replacement for making your own fun!

What do you find the most difficult about trying to be thrifty?

Erm, being a bit tight sometimes!  I can be a bit too controlling over the finances and sometimes need to be reminded that the odd treat is OK too!

 Which other thrifty bloggers do you follow?

Well this blog, Gypsy Soul is one of my faves, I also like Skint Dad, My Mummies Pennies and Diary of a Frugal Family.  I get lots of ideas from Lulastic and the Hippyshake too!

Lastly share one of your favourite posts from your blog with us

This is a recent one but one of my frugal favourites as it was free to make gathering nature’s gifts and using our craft kit, and has brought some colour and interest to our garden


A big thank you to Ang for joining in. If you would like to be interviewed then please get in touch with me at

Thrifty Blogger Interview

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  1. Great idea Gina, and sound advice from Ang. Couldn’t agree more from a cooking perspective – getting into the habit of not wasting a scrap is a very useful thing to learn, and breeds good habits 🙂

    1. We are very careful about our food waste and always use leftovers for further meals. We save a lot of money every month by doing this and help the environment too so it’s a win win situation 🙂

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