Thrifty Thursday – What To Do with the End Pieces of Bread?

What do you do with the end pieces of bread?

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Recently I have found myself throwing away the two end pieces of my loaves of bread which is very un-thrifty of me I know. I needed some inspiration so I turned to Twitter and asked others what they do with their end bits.


Here’s the feedback I got from Twitter…

Reduce Food Waste:  How To Use The End Bits Of Bread

1) I use them in French Toast. If I made my own breadcrumbs, I’d use them for that. @emmaincanada

2) A simple bread and butter pudding. Can’t beat it! @Lucylastica2

3) Blend into breadcrumbs and sprinkle on macaroni cheese or feed the ducks! =] @btwblogger

4) Cut them into big cubes and turn them into croutons (you can coat them with butter, salt n pepper or whatever you fancy) #soupfun @AtBestPete

5) I just throw those bits to the birds lol #notfrugal @ECouttie13

6) Make them into breadcrumbs for the top of shepherds or fish pie? @lesleyannp1

7) We make ‘pizza‘ ie cheese on toast or bread/butter pudding 🙂 @myzerowaste

8) Make breadcrumbs and freeze until needed 🙂 #reducewaste #thrifty @k_phillipson

I love all of the suggestions and on Saturday morning I’m going to try out the French toast one. I’ve found a fairly simple recipe on Pinterest so hopefully, it will turn out okay.

Check back soon to see how I get on! What do you do with your ends?

What to do with the end pieces of bread? Reduce food waste

How to use the end pieces of bread.

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16 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday – What To Do with the End Pieces of Bread?”

  1. Oh ours have usually gone mouldy by the time I get to them! That’s bad isn’t it!

    I have done breadcrumbs before, they do freeze well.

    I’ve linked up a couple of posts, hope that’s ok x

    1. Lol not big bread fans in your house obviously 😉 I’m going to try to do breadcrumbs with next weeks loaf. Do you just freeze them in freezer bags or is there some kind of method that I’m not aware of?

      Thanks for linking up, off to take a look 🙂

    1. I’m going to try that one week, I did French Toast this weekend and next i’m going to attempt croutons. It’s quite fun trying out different things 🙂

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