Thrifty Thursday – Grow Your Own Compost

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Part of my Zero Waste Week pledge last week was to reduce our food waste. Before the week started I did a lot of research into the best ways to do this. I found various different ideas such as creative ways to use up left overs, portion control and freezing leftovers. These are all very well but they take time which is something that we as a household seem to have very little of. I needed a way to reduce our food waste that was simple but effective and that was when I decided that we needed to start making our own compost.

Make Your Own Compost

Inspired by new idea I got online to see how much this new venture was going to initally set me back and I was suprised to find that composters are actually quite a bit of money! However I refused to give up and after more research I discovered that our local council sell start up kits for residents that would like to try their hand at composting and they are only £12!

Home Composting

The kit came complete with the composter, bark chippings, a how to composting book and DVD. I was also given a bag of compost too.

It was really easy to set up and I can’t wait to see if it actually works!

Home Composting

So far we have put quite a few bits in including all of our fruit & veg waste, toilet rolls, garden waste, cardboard, paper and the fluff from our dryer.

Home Composting

I’m hoping that I am doing it right? It fits in nicely in the corner of our garden next to my mini pop up greenhouse.

Home Composting

Hopefully by next Summer I will have my own lovely compost to use in the garden.

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8 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday – Grow Your Own Compost

  1. Good luck with it. I got a compost bin for Christmas and I’ve already used a bit of the compost to plant an outdoor tub.
    The only major error I’ve made so far was putting in some big bush cuttings, which were too woody.

  2. Sounds perfect! The only tip I would add (and you probably know it already from the DVD, nbut I’ll share anyway!) is that you should have a 50/50 by VOLUME of green to brown ingredients. Otherwise you end up with a slimy mess or stuff that won’t break down. Good luck; you’ll LOVE using your compost next year!

    1. Thanks Rachelle, I did read that in the book so I’m trying to add a bit of both. Just hope it works *fingers crossed* Don’t fancy trying to dispose of a big smelly mess!

  3. Composters are great! Just don’t put any meat or dairy products in it or dog poop. I can’t believe you just started a zero waste week. My recipe is for zero waste crackers! Crazy coincidence!

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